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Dr. Jeffrey C. Herr, DVM, MS

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Dr. Jeffrey C. Herr, DVM, MS

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About Us

Are excessive fees or long waits for your pet's vaccinations or appointments standard?  Why should you pay exorbitant charges or settle for discounted vaccines without a thorough veterinary examination?  Did you know that vaccine quality and efficacy varies greatly depending on how they are stored and administered?  At Holt Road Pet Hospital these are just a few of the questions and issues to which we can ease your concerns over.

Upon arrival your pet will be examined by Dr. Herr or one of his Board Certified Veterinary Technicians.  We use only the highest quality vaccines, perform a microscopic fecal examination for internal parasites, and offer heart worm disease testing if requested.  Other discounted, "make-shift" vaccine clinics do not provide your pet with fecal analysis and many may not be equipped to treat any  medical conditions on site like Holt Road Pet Hospital is able to.  Additionally, our comprehensive vaccine packages are competitively priced at a fraction of the cost at most facilities.

Likewise, our spay and neuter services provide affordable specialized care plans for your pet.  We offer 'Comfort & Care' options such as intra-operative and take home pain medications.  Spaying or neutering your beloved pet is a once in a lifetime event - do you really want to cut corners to save a few dollars?  We make sure your pet is closely monitored during and after surgery, and we take every measure necessary with your consent to minimize post-operative pain and discomfort for your pet.

We also offer extensive emergency and elective surgery treatment options for you and your pet.  Rest assured, however, we will not jeopardize your pet's health by performing procedures we are uncomfortable with.  In the event we feel we are not qualified to perform a specific advanced procedure or treatment, we will refer you to another appropriate facility or veterinarian.

We look forward to serving you and your pets!

Meet Dr. Herr
Personal Statement
"I have always been fascinated by the wonders of science and particularly medicine and physiology.  I spent two years in endocrine physiology research after my undergraduate degree, and as a result, I have an advanced knowledge of internal medicine.
After graduate school, I became more interested in cardiovascular and respiratory physiology.  I attended nursing school with the intent to become a nurse anesthetist, and then practiced human anesthesia for eight years, therefore I consider myself an expert in the field of anesthesia and pain management.
My love for animals led to my desire to become a veterinarian.  I have practiced small animal veterinary medicine over fifteen years in a private setting, owning and operating Holt Road Pet Hospital since 2005."

  • Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine [Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), 1995]
  • Durham (NC) County General Hospital [Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), 1983]
  • Troy State University [Associate Degree - Nursing, 1981]
  • University of Tennessee [Master of Science (MS), 1976]
  • - Graduate Research Assistantship Recipient [1974-76]
  • North Carolina State University [Bachelor of Science, 1974]
  • - Graduated with Honors
Affiliations & Recognition
  • American Veterinary Medical Association - Member
  • Indiana Veterinary Medical Association - Member
  • The Veterinary Medicine Honor Society - Inductee, 1995

Our Facility
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Client Testimonials

"Marley and I had a great experience at Holt Road!  A couple of months ago, I became the proud owner of a newly adopted kitten and had never had a pet before.  I was nervous to say the least, but Dr. Herr took great care of us!  He was gentle, comforting, patient and kind, and his staff was warm and welcoming with smiles and friendly faces greeting us as soon as we walked in.  Marley had his rounds of shots, declawing and neutering done at Holt Road Pet Hospital, and he is now a happy, healthy kitten thanks to Dr. Herr.  We definitely went to the right place!"
- Kelly C.

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